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Instructions & Help

In this Tutorial you'll find several Tutorials and Instructions how to install the Arionum Java Wallet and different solutions for problems

Linux Executables

Here are several Installers for specific Unix based Kernels:

Linux x86 (Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS...) Linux x64 (Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS...) Solaris Intel Solaris Sparc

Freebsd-6 Freebsd-7

Standalone Java Executable

The standalone executable can be run on every machine where an JVM is installed.

Minimum JVM Version:
JRE 1.8.0_101

Java Executable (Universal)

Linux Installation

The execution and installation of the Arionum Java Wallet

Linux x86 / Linux x64

1. Download the executable


Linux x86 (Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS...) Linux x64 (Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS...)

2. Make the executable runnable


Right click on the file: go to Permissions and enable "Allow executing file as program"

Other Linux versions

Open Terminal -> Navigate to the File -> Enter: chmod a+x {filename}

chmod a+x {installername}.run

3. Start the Program

Ubuntu / Fedora / CentOS

Double Click the File

Other Linux versions

Enter: "./{installername}.run"


Running the Java (*.jar) File standalone without the Installer/Launcher

The execution of the Arionum Java Wallet

Every Operarting System with an JVM installed

Minimum JVM Version:
JRE 1.8.0_101

Locate the files in your terminal/cmd and enter "java -jar arionum_wallet.jar"

java -jar arionum_wallet.jar

Updating the Arionum Java Wallet

How to update the Arionum Java Wallet without loosing

Reopen the installer for your Operating System and follow every step until the installation is finished. No backups needed!

Common Errors (Installer)

Common errors and how to fix them

*/*/Arionum Wallet/java.dmg /s /L this.log... - No Permissions to install

The Java executable couldnt get enough permissions to install the JVM!


Download Java from: and reopen the Installer after the JVM Installation!